Inspired by the protection offered by mother’s milk against pathogens – including enveloped viruses and bacteria – the scientific principles behind ErasaVir can be traced back to research in the 1980s. This research focused on the molecular structure of fatty acids that are derived from naturally occurring plant-based substances, as well as synthesized by the human body

The team at Palani (the makers of ErasaVir) has been working for more than 15 years on fatty acids and their applications in oncology. With the onset of the pandemic they pivoted to creating a safe and effective solution to combat this virus. The team spent more than 2 years on research and development that included identifying optimal active ingredients created using proprietary processes, formulation technologies using safe ingredients and efficacy studies of various candidates against coronaviruses and other pathogens. As the Palani scientific team researched deeper, the applications of ErasaVir turned out to be far wider than previously imagined. This resulted in ErasaVir being a highly versatile, safe, and effective daily hygiene product that can protect users from viruses and bacteria.

Even before the pandemic ErasaVir would have been a very helpful tool to combat pathogens, as it protects the upper respiratory tract against several pathogens. But now, with renewed emphasis and awareness surrounding hygiene, ErasaVir is an indispensable daily tool to be used lifelong, providing an extra layer of security in our lives. We are redefining hygiene as we adapt to the new reality around us.

In June, 2022, Palani LLC (the parent company of ErasaVir) released its first set of optimized products to serve its customers in India, and is presently expanding globally. Palani continues to conduct research and development for improved versions of ErasaVir and bring other proprietary, ethical consumer health products to our users.

Our Vision

ErasaVir endeavors to upgrade the way the world views hygiene by bringing about cleanliness inside the body, and empowering people to lead more confident and healthy lives.

Our Cause

Humankind is craving certainty as we return to normalcy beyond the pandemic. We seek to reassure people with tools which can help us lead uninterrupted lives, and protect us against infectious pathogens.


ErasaVir is a product of Palani LLC, USA. We are proud to collaborate with Strassenburg Pharmaceuticals for ErasaVir’s manufacturing and marketing operations in India. Strassenburg is an established, ethical pharmaceutical company with over 35 years of experience serving customers all over India.