Discover plant-powered daily protection and instant relief with ErasaVir’s mouth and nasal spray —effective day or night, offering long- lasting freedom to live without interruptions.

Discover plant-powered daily protection and instant relief with ErasaVir’s mouth and nasal spray —effective day or night, offering long- lasting freedom to live without interruptions.

Congestion & soreness?

Let nature take care of it.

At ErasaVir, we envisioned creating a routine as fundamental as handwashing for your respiratory health.

By integrating the power of plant-based ingredients with cutting-edge science, we've crafted sprays that not only offer immediate and lasting relief but also destroy the pathogens residing in all parts of your respiratory tract.

UN Affiliated Lab Tested

Plant Based

Patented Formulation

Safe For Daily Use

Everyday defense, not just momentary comfort.

The Complete Respiratory Duo

ErasaVir Mouth and Nasal Sprays

ErasaVir Mouth and Nasal Sprays


Bid farewell to congestion and soreness with ErasaVir’s nasal and mouth spray duo. Designed for daily use, this pair works synergistically to protect and relieve, offering complete defense against seasonal and everyday discomforts.

(Each pack contains 1 mouth & 1 nasal spray.)

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Use 2x daily for best results.
Use 3-4 times if symptoms are severe.
Incase of any extreme issues, do consult your physician.

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Mint Powered Mouth Spray

Soothes a sore and itchy throat, providing relief from a cough and cold, with the goodness of mint.

Kusumbha Oil Extract

Known for its anti-inflammatory, 
anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties, Kusumbha promotes healing, soothes soreness and cleanses the oral tract.

Peppermint Satva

Peppermint Satva offers a cooling sensation that not only freshens the breath but also provides quick relief from discomfort in the throat.

How To Use

Eucalyptus Enriched Nasal Spray

Powered with eucalyptus, it shields you daily against nasal congestion and provides instant and long-lasting relief.

Kusumbha Oil Extract

This ingredient aids in reducing nasal inflammation, supporting clear breathing.

Tailaparna Taila

Eucalyptus Oil is renowned for its decongestant properties, helping to clear nasal blockages and ease breathing.

How To Use

Hear from those who experienced the ErasaVir difference

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Breathe easy: everyday, everywhere.

Using ErasaVir daily fortifies your respiratory defenses naturally. It's not just for moments of distress, it's designed for daily life.

The science of ErasaVir

Pathogens have no hiding place.

ErasaVir harnesses the natural power of food-grade fatty acids, mimicking the protective action of handwashing by targeting and destroying the lipid membranes of pathogens in the nose and throat on contact. An intuitive design which reaches all parts of your nose giving you complete protection.

Made by nature,
nurtured by scientists

Our team of esteemed experts have innovated a natural and effective solution for your respiratory health, ensuring every breath you take is a testament to their commitment and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, ErasaVir has been proven effective in a United Nations-affiliated BSL-3 lab against enveloped pathogens. In scientifically conducted experiments consistent with well-established protocols, ErasaVir consistently killed 100% of SARS-CoV-2 viral particles in repeated studies, confirming its effectiveness. Further, ErasaVir has been extensively used by doctors across India with extremely encouraging results and feedback.
ErasaVir offers several key benefits:
  • Comprehensive Protection: It protects against all enveloped viruses and bacteria (like the flu and coronaviruses) – which are the leading causes of respiratory discomfort. ErasaVir protects both the nose and mouth – the primary entry points for illness-causing bacteria and viruses.
  • Instant Relief: Our sprays immediately address symptoms like a blocked nose, sore throat, and congestion.
  • Safe for Daily Use: ErasaVir is safe for daily use, with ingredients that are natural, plant-based, and non-harmful for long-term use.
  • Community Protection: By preventing you from falling sick via infections, ErasaVir can help protect those around you from catching something nasty!
The effectiveness of ErasaVir is backed by four decades of scientific literature. Our scientific team, with extensive experience, developed ErasaVir to address various viruses and bacteria. Over many months of R&D, we conducted multiple studies at a United Nations-affiliated BSL-3 lab, consistently achieving complete inactivation of pathogens. This is supported by the feedback we have received from hundreds of medical practitioners who have used the sprays to relieve and protect their patients.
We recommend using ErasaVir every day before leaving and upon returning home for the best results. If you are in crowded areas, breathing poor-quality air, or around someone who is coughing or sneezing, use a little extra for better protection! ErasaVir also allows protection to those who stay at home but may have unwittingly come in contact with common bacteria and viruses. If you are suffering from a blocked nose, sore throat, or congestion we recommend that you use the product 3-4 times a day.
Unlike most sprays that are either anti-congestion or antibacterial/anti-viral, ErasaVir is designed to do both – cleanse and soothe simultaneously. Most sprays are not suitable for long-term daily use and can lead to side effects. ErasaVir is safe for daily, prolonged use, providing continuous protection due to its proprietary, natural, and non-addictive formulation.
Yes, Erasavir is safe to use as a daily companion. All the ingredients in ErasaVir have been proven to be safe and categorized as ‘Generally Recognized as Safe’ or ‘GRAS’ by the US FDA. ErasaVir has no adverse side effects when used as recommended, is safe for everyone to use daily, and is suitable for all age groups.
Minimize exposure of ErasaVir to direct sunlight, high humidity, and high temperature.
Replace the cap on the nozzle after use. DO NOT remove the nozzle and unscrew the bottle top.